Epston Group Ltd. develops a series of guidelines focusing on the needs of companies and enterprises operating in key Russian industries including oil and gas industry, metal mining industry, metallurgy, powerg generation, and mechanical engineering.

The group consolidates and incorporates companies working along three lines: Consulting, Engineering, Supplies of equipment and technologies.

Epston Engineering consolidates companies providing full service in design of infrastructural assets and facilities, in manufacturing engineering, selection of technologies and equipment, search for solutions to (of) technological tasks, innovative technologies support.

Epston Consulting incorporates companies providing all-inclusive consulting service to enterprises operating in Russia’s key industries including oil and gas industry, petrochemical industry, chemical industry, metal mining industry, metallurgy, electrical power engineering and mechanical engineering.

Epston Exim comprises trading, service and logistic companies which deal with all the issues related to search for, supplies, customs formalities and customs clearance, installation and after-sale(s) service of equipment and technologies. Direct contacts with the world’s leading manufacturers allow us to meet any requirements of our customers.

Number of personnel (Moscow office staff): 15 persons.